Casa Manzolin

Top quality wines and food

If you enjoy top quality food and excellent wines, the Casa Manzolin range will surely enchant you. This restaurant located in the old part of Poreč tries to combine top wines and delicacies and thus preserve the old Istrian tradition. Casa Manzolin is a newly renovated house that will enchant you with its appearance and assortment.

All dishes and recipes are typical of the Istrian region and seafood, and the top professional staff will delight your palate. For all wine lovers or those who are about to become one, the wine list is rich in the offer of wines; white, red, sweet, sparkling, champagne and so on. Classic Istrian delicacies, such as Istrian prosciutto, go well with wine, and there are many seafood dishes in the offer.

Visit the old part of Poreč and taste the top delicacies of the menu at Casa Manzolin!

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