Casa Manzolin

Meet the autumn splendor in a rhapsody of flavors

Who can resist the beautiful and seductive splendor of autumn? It certainly seduced every corner of the city of Poreč. But besides in the beauties of nature, the autumn splendor is also visible in the wonderful gastronomic traditions at Casa Manzolin Wine & Food. Right next to the Euphrasian Basilica is a true gastronomic splendor inspired, of course, by the beauties of autumn. Creativity, imagination, and combining above all incompatible ingredients into the autumn magic on a plate, await you in a harmony of balanced flavors, irresistible aromas, and amazing nuances. Their traditional recipes come in new creative attire, and in order to really get to know all the splendor of autumn, the chefs prepare creative recipes from the forest fruits, as well as the king of all mushrooms – porcini mushrooms. These beautiful forest foundations will present all the creativity and splendor of traditional recipes prepared in creations that you certainly can’t even imagine. Just visit Casa Manzolin Wine & Food and let your taste buds really get to know the true rhapsody of flavors. Indulge in all the beauties of autumn and get to know its most beautiful nuances presented with amazing gastronomic delicacies and specialties that will be prepared for you by the chefs of Casa Manzolin Wine & Food.

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