Casa Manzolin


The emphasis on true enjoyment of each bite is the main determinant of creating amazing flavors, textures, nuances and aromas of each plate. Tradition in modern attire combines the best of our ancestry with new and modern approaches in the preparation, processing and final presentation of the richness of the plate and its juiciness with, of course, a perfect balance of wine shades that blend beautifully with freshly tasted aromas.
Casa Manzolin Wine & Food offers the best of the wine and gastronomic world with an emphasis on exceptional flavors and nuances. Poletti wines took care of the wine fantasy while an excellent young team, as well as bistro manager Jasna Matić, designed an exceptional menu.
Versatility, energy and openness, Matić originally brought in every moment of cooking, as well as in each ingredient of the recipe, and today she is a successful manager of this unique bistro. Her character is certainly reflected in the leadership and organization, and just like the charm of breadcrumbs, she has superbly sharpened business skills in her little finger. Of course, her creativity and imagination come to light through numerous ideas and concepts that are then carefully realized by an exceptional team of people so that you can enjoy in gastronomy specialties with all your senses.
Casa Manzolin Wine & Food is a combination of pleasures of wine nuances and gastronomic specialties. The effort, time and love invested in the professionalization of the passion for wine and food, you will feel with each tasting while it reveals to you the unique world of its own charms.


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The atmosphere of the restaurant is ideal for a romantic dinner, as well as for a family dinner on weekends, breakfast or business lunch on weekdays.

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