Casa Manzolin

Good atmosphere for good company


The seductive game of passions and pleasures makes every story exciting, including our wine story. Gentle or distinctly aromatic nuances, a touch of contrast or an emphasis on individual aromas as the drops touch the delicate palate – the wine world is truly wonderful, and it hides many pleasures. For a true experience and two complete foreign medals, the other part is needed to complete the ecstasy of the wine melody. Casa Manzolin Wine & Food by Poletti offers the best of combining wine magic and gastronomic specialties.
A true and long-time friendship always requires a lot of effort, will, understanding, patience and love – that’s how Peter-Piero Poletti and Jasna Matić nurture their own and now together they start a story about love for wine and good food.



The atmosphere of the restaurant is ideal for a romantic dinner, as well as for a family dinner on weekends, breakfast or business lunch on weekdays.

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