Casa Manzolin

Enjoying good company with a glass of Istrian wine and delicious food

The bright sun and real spring temperatures are perfect for enjoying on the terrace in good company with a glass of top Istrian wine. In the heart of the city of Poreč, in a narrow alley near the UNESCO-protected Euphrasian Basilica is Casa Manzolin Wine & Food by Poletti, a place created to enjoy the moment, traditional food and of course a drop of wine. In addition to exuding a friendly and romantic atmosphere, the rich history makes this restaurant even more attractive. Namely, the house in which this interesting object was opened once really belonged to the Manzolin family, and in the yard there is a stone wellhead with their family throat depicting – an ox. Jasna Matić is responsible for the menu adapted to fresh seasonal foods such as asparagus, nettles and everyday fresh seafood, which in cooperation with her team turns every dish into an unforgettable and aromatic experience for the palate. In addition to delicious gastronomic specialties, you can also taste the autochthonous Istrian varieties of red, white and rose Poletti wines that will complete every culinary delicacy. Take your company to Casa Manzolin Wine & Food by Poletti and enjoy traditional Istrian cuisine with a modern twist accompanied by a phenomenal glass of wine.

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