Casa Manzolin

Easter at Casa Manzolin Wine & Food by Poletti

Casa Manzolin Wine & Food by Poletti is a renovated baroque house with a traditional spirit that combines the true and oldest pleasures of man – wine and gastronomy. Easter is approaching, so you will be able to find a classic, traditional Easter menu on the plate of the restaurant, among other things. After all, the menu also includes eggs prepared in various forms. It is currently asparagus season, so the recommendation of the restaurant is scrambled eggs with healthy asparagus. Also, Easter cannot go without ham, traditionally called ‘spaleta’, spring onions and homemade bread. You can additionally season each dish with homemade Poletti olive oil. After Easter breakfast, you can try Poletti red and white wines at the wine bar. Truly enjoy every bite, the texture, nuances and aroma of every plate and glass of wine and breathe in the spring air on the terrace of the Casa Manzolin.

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