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Delight in tasting pumpkin specialties

Without any false modesty, autumn is a truly lavish season. This splendor can be found in almost every corner of the city, in the beautiful parks and nature walks, but it has also come to the gastronomic world where it truly seduces the taste buds. The gastronomic flavors of autumn are prepared in Casa Manzolin Wine & Food.

At the very mention of autumn, thoughts certainly first wander to forest fruits and rusticity. It is on this basis that the specialties of the chefs at Casa Manzolin are prepared. Delicious pumpkin soup is a special joy of autumn days. It hides very special aromas and fullness of taste, which, with carefully selected ingredients, as well as the preparation, is further emphasized. Of course, pumpkin gnocchi are specially prepared with the addition of salvia – a Mediterranean plant whose aromas gently adhere to the nuances of pumpkin and form a real rhapsody of tasting. In addition to specialties prepared based on the pumpkins, chefs also prepare always dear porcini mushrooms. Various recipes whose basic ingredient is this forest tenant, are waiting for you to taste and enjoy.

We are already near the end of October, but autumn still reigns in its splendor. Taste gastronomic specialties inspired by autumn and indulge in this luxury of tasting and seducing the taste buds.

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