Casa Manzolin

Casa Manzolin – romance for two, warm family atmosphere, or the pleasant business meeting

Autumn days aspire to the pleasant atmosphere of the business meeting, the special warmth of the family lunch, or the romantic dinner with your partner. Even though it’s hard to find a place that offers all the above, there’s one destination that meets all the requirements for a pleasant atmosphere, warmth, and romance – the Casa Manzolin. The beautifully designed interior certainly contributes to the creation of a special atmosphere appropriate for every meeting and meal. Since Casa Manzolin’s foundation is a perfect blend of wine nuances and gastronomic specialties, it’s not a surprise that this place is a favorite destination for every type of enjoyment. The weekends are made for family and tasting of the traditional gastronomic specialties in the combination with local wines and your favorite people. For the business meetings that aspire a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the Casa Manzolin will contribute by serving great recipes and top-quality wines. If you’re looking for a beautiful and romantic atmosphere for the two, Casa Manzolin will focus only on you two. You’re looking for your new favorite place for tasting traditional recipes and amazing local wines? Indulge in autumnal days of the cuisine and wines in Casa Manzolin!

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