Casa Manzolin

Autumn days of gastronomic and wine pleasures

The tourist season is, with the first autumn days of October, slowly on its peak in beautiful Poreč. Despite all the gorgeous beauties of autumn, the season has officially come to an end once again, but for all lovers of traveling and exploring new cities in the autumn months, as well as for all locals who can take a break and enjoy the beauty and peace of their own city, the season is just beginning. Where to go? Try delicious gastronomic delicacies and the superb wines in Casa Manzolin Wine & Food. In keeping up with the sumptuous autumn, the rich offer of traditional specialties and local wines of the Poletti family, further enriches all the beauties of this amazing season. Casa Manzolin provides an extremely warm and cozy atmosphere for true moments of enjoyment with your loved ones. In addition to a special outdoor area on the terrace that still provides a pleasant time and dining in the sun, there is, of course, an indoor area that is special for romantic evenings, as well as family and business gatherings. Should there be any special reason to just enjoy the moments? Of course not! Whether there is a special occasion, or you are simply eager for amazing delicacies and superb wines, head to Casa Manzolin Wine & Food where you will find a mix of seductive gastronomic specialties, aromatic wines and memorable moments.

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